Watch Prodigy’s Final Interview As He Discusses, God, Death & Sickle Cell Disease

Before his tragic passing last month, Prodigy gave one of his final interviews on VICELAND’s The Therapist series. Sitting down with Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh, P opened up about his life-long battle with sickle cell anemia, how the excruciating symptoms of his illness made him “not believe in God,” and that time he saw a UFO.

Having battled with sickle cell disease since he was three months old, you get the feeling death was always on Prodigy’s mind. “That night when I laid down to go to sleep…I see a black shadow walk across the room. The only way I can describe what it looked like is the black Spider-Man,” he recalled. “And I woke up the next morning, the pain woke me up. I haven’t been sick in six years…I already knew what that black shadow was.”