Omarion Premieres His Cover of Earth, Wind, and Fire’s ‘Reasons’

Earth, Wind, and Fire’s “Reasons” is one of the finest songs in all of recorded music. Philip Bailey’s perfect falsetto is a model for technical control and ability, but when he gives himself over to the emotion of the song three-quarters in—that’s what people mean when they talk about soul.

The song means quite a bit to Omarion, as he explained over the phone. “This is a song I grew up listening to,” he said. “There are so many kids in the digital space who don’t even know about this collage of emotional sounds. I wanted to introduce that to a younger demo who may not know too much about Earth, Wind and Fire, so I remade it with my band, the Reasons, a.k.a. All Handsome—we all handsome.”

This video is both a teaser and call to action for his fans, who were expecting the release of his album, also titled Reasons, on Friday. “I promised my fans that the album was coming 6/16 and I wanted to be true to my word and deliver “Reasons.” It might not be the Reasons they expected. But I’m hoping that they enjoy it and appreciate the attempt to pay tribute to the legends.”

For those fans waiting on Reasons, the album, Omarion said, “My album is mastered and it’s ready to release. But the record company doesn’t want to release it because they don’t see the demand. I want the fans to know that they can demand it, and one way is by showing support for ‘Distance’ by streaming and downloading it, and following me on all social media platforms.”