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Music Video: June’s Diary – L.A.N.C.E

Kelly Rowland new girl group from the hit B.E.T show “Chasing Destiny” release their first single; “L.A.N.C.E”. The girls even decide on a group name “JUNE’S DIARY”, which is still unclear as to why the group chose June’s Diary as a name, I put my bid in; “PHiVE” but I’m sure the name they chose has a bigger significance then my own.

L.A.N.C.E is the ladies first official single, and its going to be big for them! Already shooting the music video for it, the girls have come a long way since the beginning of Chasing Destiny, and Kelly Rowland is keeping her word. While the record absolutely sounds like something created for Kelly Rowland, I do believe this sound fits the girls, its a Pop and B record about deserving better then some lying ass cheating nigga everyday.